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Platinum School of Performing Arts

At Platinum School of Performing Arts, our goal is to InspireCreate and Perform!




Students are never too young to be inspired by the performing arts. At Platinum School of Performing arts, we begin by providing positive examples and patient instruction. We want our students to enjoy the course, and to take a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence home with them after every session.


Dance is a creative art, and every student will develop his or her own style of expression. At Platinum School of Performing Arts, we want to bring out that creativity in each individual while teaching them the importance of teamwork and cooperation. With effort and determination, our students will be able to display their own style, even as they take part in a greater group performance.


The thrill of being accepted is somethign everyone craves, and performance is a wonderful way to acheive it. Our students will learn the pride of a perfect dance move, and the exhilaration of feeling their body behave with perfect timing. By encouraging self-discipline, the Platinum School of Performing Arts aims to teach every child how to be a better person and to perform to the best of their ability.


Novice classes teach the fundamentals of the performings arts.



Intermediate classes help students discover their unique potential.



Dance is an excellent way to encourage physical fitness.


Where to Find the Studio

Platinum School of Performing Arts, LLC

Address: 11235 ALPHARETTA HWY, SUITE 101


Phone: 770.865.8023



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